Got a “News” section on your site? Update it regularly.

Having a News section on your site is a great way to keep your current fans engaged. It’s also bound to be one of the first places new visitors check out when they visit you on the web, possibly looking for your newest song, show dates, or what’s coming up next for you and […]

Your Facebook Page is Not a Website

Four reasons why social media will fail you (if you don’t also have your own site)

Giant corporations. Regional musicians. Your local barbershop. They’re all promoting themselves on Facebook — and rightly so. Facebook is an essential part of any business’ online marketing toolkit. But it’s NOT a website! Or, more precisely: it’s not YOUR […]

Sharing Wizard Pages with Others!

The Power of Fan-Driven Sharing

There are many ways you can promote and share updates of your HostBaby website. You can use Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, ListBaby, Digg and other services to update the online world with your musical comings and goings. These are all great things to do when you have time between […]

Own a website? Use another browser!

If you own a website it’s a good idea to install and use more than one browser on your computer to ensure you see the current web content and verify cross-platform/browser consistency. […]

Choosing a great domain name

Why do I need a domain name?

A domain name is like a brand name – it identifies your website and helps make you findable on the internet. A domain name lets visitors type your domain name right into the browser’s address bar and arrive at your web pages directly, without having to search for […]

Handy Tools for Wizard Users


We’re all about empowering our users!  There’s nothing sweeter than making your own site, and being able to make updates on the fly.  Plus, a lot of our templates are pretty darn sweet.  Making sites with the Wizard can be pretty darn easy.  However, there are some tools that just about […]

New templates: URBAN and MIXDOWN

Urban has five variations and is awesome.