The easiest way to keep your web content fresh…

… is also the #1 thing people forget when they’re trying to stick to a content calendar

I have an Atlantic Monthly problem, and it’s this: every time I see an Atlantic article that someone has posted on Facebook, I click it, read the first few paragraphs with great interest, and then remember that I don’t […]

10 ways to encourage more comments on your blog

It sucks whenever the comments section of one of your blog articles appears to be a barren wasteland.

You spend a lot of creative time writing your blog posts and you want a clear sign that readers find value in your content. You want to interact with your readers directly. You want them to contribute […]

How to format text on your website

Improve your website’s readability with these 10 easy text-formatting tips

I don’t care how interesting your writing is; if you haven’t formatted your copy with a web audience in mind, you’re probably turning people off from your content before they start reading.

Even if your blog posts, articles, or news updates tend to be longer, […]

How to make a habit of updating your blog

A simple time-management tip for bloggers

I have a site, for my music, that I update with new content every week. I’ve updated my website every week for the past 250 weeks, missing only a small handful of weeks due to vacations, holidays, etc.

A few months ago a friend asked me how I keep […]

Why Updating Your Website Regularly is Important

We’ve all been to a site that might as well have tumbleweeds rolling through it, and nobody likes hanging out in a ghost town. Well, except maybe Scooby-Doo and the gang, but they were there to solve mysteries. But random visitors to your site who are met with outdated info won’t take the time to […]

5 Rules for Responding to Blog Comments

Your blog is buzzing. Your content is getting shared far and wide. Your articles are getting commented on all the time. Now what?

Well, first — congratulations.

Second, it’s time to sit down and RESPOND to those comments.

Here’s a handful of general guidelines for responding to blog comments

1. Respond to every single comment. […]

So You Wanna Be a Blog Star: 7 Ways to Make Your Blog Shine!

When it comes to online promotional tools, it seems like everyone is blogging these days, from unknown poets to presidential hopefuls—and you should be too.

But when you’re just another star in the sky, it’s important to do things right to make sure your blog shines brightest!

Here are 7 ways to make sure your […]

6 Tips for Building a Blog Community

For a lot of us, blogging can feel like a solitary, thankless chore.

You tap away at the keys, giving your all to a subject you’ve deemed blog-worthy, hit “publish,” and sit back, picturing the comments and interactions that should soon be rolling in. You can’t wait to read what other people have to say […]

10 Ideas for Quick-and-Painless Blog Posts

Image Via Shutterstock

Are you afraid to look at the date of your most recent blog post? Was it written within the last week? The last year? The last presidency? We all know how important blogging is. It’s the best way to grow an online audience. But blogging is one of the easiest tasks […]

How to Grow Your Fan Base with a Blog

Creatives are often intimidated by the idea of starting a blog (one more time-consuming, energy-draining, nail-biting activity to add to the heap). It’s easy to discourage yourself by imagining that blogging is like writing one of those harrowing school papers about colonialism, with a bibliography four pages long. But in actuality, blogging isn’t hard. (See […]