Why you need a website if you’re trying to book gigs

You’re on a blog for a hosting service, so hopefully you don’t need any convincing about the importance of a website.

But just in case you’re one of those musicians who think that having a Facebook, Bandcamp, or ReverbNation page is the same thing as having a web presence, read THIS.

In that article, I […]

5 things your fans want to see on your website

We’ve written many times about website essentials for musicians. More often than not, though, those articles have focused on what’s essential for YOU, the artist, in order to turn web visits into sales, subscribes, and shares: things like email capture widgets, clear calls-to-action, a music store, etc.

But web traffic is more than just a stat; it’s people!!! And […]

The website mistake that’s guaranteed to drive your fans away

Your band website shouldn’t be a point of departure

I visited a band’s website the other day to see what they’d been up to this summer. I didn’t really NEED any specific info; I was just curious and figured I’d pay a visit. After no more than ten seconds on their site I closed the tab in […]

Sample clips are SO 2008

Why you should never stream sample clips of audio on your own website 

One of my favorite bands released a new record a few months ago, and when they were going through the tease/preview phase of their album-release push, I was roped in by promises of a sneak-peek of some new tracks. What I got […]

7 Things Every Musician’s Website Must Have

Simply having a website is not enough . . .

Music fans expect to quickly and easily figure out what you’re about and what you sound like before they make a decision to buy.  Here are 7 essential elements every music or band website should have.

1. Sample Tracks

Let them listen. People don’t […]