Got a “News” section on your site? Update it regularly.

Having a News section on your site is a great way to keep your current fans engaged. It’s also bound to be one of the first places new visitors check out when they visit you on the web, possibly looking for your newest song, show dates, or what’s coming up next for you and […]

Playing live? Don’t forget to take photos!

If you’re playing live, it’s a great opportunity to get photos of you and your music in action. You know that. I know that. So why do we always forget?

Honestly, it’s probably because we’re so focused on the task at hand – playing a quality show. But if you’re not already, it’s time […]

Tell your site visitors about 1¢ shipping on 3 CDs or more

Through the end of the year, CD Baby is offering 1¢ shipping on orders of 3 CDs or more. Got 3 physical CDs up for sale on Now’s a great time to push your back catalog via a bundle sale! Encourage your site visitors to pick up a selection of 3 of your discs […]

5 quick tips to make the most of the holidays

Have you heard? The holidays are here!

Yes, it’s true. And it’s a great time to do a few easy things to make your site look festive, and maybe even help you gain some new fans and sell some music! Let’s get into it:

1. Holiday-ify your site – switching up colors on your HostBaby […]

Organize your webmail with message filters

If you get a lot of email, you can now make sorting it simpler by using automatic message filters to filter messages into folders using criteria you specify. It’s time to organize to your heart’s delight! Here’s how.

If you’re using Moving Pictures but not using this feature, you should be!

I found myself on a great-looking HostBaby site the other day, the home of the Dirk Quinn Band. When you first land there, you can see they’re making perfect use of the Moving Pictures theme: with some great live footage of the band looping continuously, their site is dynamic without being overly busy, and […]

Are you missing out on sales because you’re making this mistake?

There are a handful of things to discuss here in regards to the above tweet:

First, Dave is using the word “purchase,” not “stream” or “listen to.” Dave seems to be the kind of fellow who enjoys supporting bands via buying their music (artists love guys like Dave!), but I’m not sure that even […]

A decade-old indie music DVD taught me the importance of having your own website

I suppose I should say “reminded me of” the importance of having your own website, because it’s something we’ve been championing for years! And if you’re a HostBaby user, you already know how important it is to have your own web address and a site YOU control.

When we talk about the benefits of your […]

Resizing images on your site

You’ve got options. Let’s make ’em quick and easy.

Resizing images to fit the needs of your site is something you’ll have to do occasionally, whether it’s a design choice, a file-size consideration, or maybe pushing a low-res image to its size limits. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to find a process that works […]

Featuring your instruments on your site

Does your instrument tell a story? Well, really, they all do – but for our purposes, it’s a matter of whether that story is interesting or not.

I think we can agree that “It’s blue and I just bought it on sale at Guitar Center last week” is not very compelling.

However, how about: […]