Protect .music websites from the exploitation of big tech companies, pirates, and domain squatters

Save .music for the indie artist! It’ll take less than a minute of your time.

What if all musicians and bands had websites that visitors could be certain were safe, legit, above-board, official — like .gov and .edu websites? In the coming years, .music domains will become the norm for musicians worldwide, but only if […]

Introducing the new FILTER theme from HostBaby!

We’re excited to launch a brand new website theme for musicians: FILTER!

With FILTER you can upload a band photo or album cover, and the theme will automatically abstract the image into a background that will give your website a super interesting vibe.

With a single photo, you can give your website both a […]

Introducing the new slideshow theme from HostBaby

With Backdrop Slideshow, your background photos transform with beautiful fades

The new Backdrop Slideshow website theme is now available in all HostBaby accounts. This theme is completely customizable with the added bonus of setting background photos that act as a slideshow behind your content. Each photo fades into the next creating a seamless experience your […]

Gmail showing images in emails automatically

If you’re a Gmail user, you’re probably used to seeing “display images below” at the top of your emails. Gmail hides image rich content by default. This can be a little bit annoying for Gmail users and even more annoying for those of us who are trying to send out image rich newsletters that we […]