The simpler your site, the better.

The word “basic” has become an insult in some circles, but when it comes to your website, it can be a compliment. In past years, users might have been looking for an “experience” when they came to your site – I remember (not fondly) sitting through so many overlong Flash intros just so I […]

Make sure your website is mobile and tablet friendly

In order to create the best possible experience for visitors, you need to make sure your website looks great and works well on mobile and tablet platforms.

At least 20% of your traffic probably comes from mobile and tablet devices. If your website doesn’t work well on mobile, you’re neglecting two out of every ten […]

3 simple ways to improve your website design

You don’t have to be a great designer to create an awesome looking website. There are so many beautiful and customizable web templates available that there’s little excuse for publishing a poorly designed website. The web is a visual medium and if you want to stand out, your site needs to look great.

Sometimes changing […]

25 Free Website Backgrounds

It’s amazing how simply changing the background image on your website can make it come alive. That’s why we’ve compiled 25 free website backgrounds created by our in-house designers at HostBaby. These backgrounds can be easily added to any HostBaby Site Builder site with just a few clicks. If you have a self hosted […]

10 free things to add to your website

There’s just about a ba-zillion website widgets and apps floating about the interweb. Some are super useful and some are not. But who wants to weed through a ba-zillion of anything to find the good ones? Nobody, that’s who! Not even me. That’s why I looked at just a fraction of a ba-zillion and chose […]

How to design a band website that turns visitors into fans

I’ve said it many times before: your band website is the most important online marketing tool you have. In fact, your band website matters almost more than anything else. But . . .  how do you use your band website to convert casual visitors into fans? Well, people don’t (usually) become fans overnight. (Yes, it’s possible. […]

Why your band website matters more than almost anything else

Let’s face it. The first time most people encounter your music is going to be online. They could be surfing Spotify, watching YouTube, or shopping on iTunes. They might see your band mentioned on Facebook or Twitter. They might see an event invite, a blog review, an article, an ad. There are infinite ways to […]

80+ websites to get free photos

Do you ever have trouble finding photos to use on your website that are free to use? It’s not easy. Most photos that you can find through Google and Bing are copyright protected and using them without permission could mean you’re breaking the law. Luckily the web is full of resources where you can find […]

Landing Page Optimization for Musicians

Let’s say you’ve just launched a new single and you’re about to send out an email to all your fans about it. You want your fans to listen to the new song and buy it if they like it. But where do you send them? Where do you link to? And how do you ensure […]

Give your website a whole new look just by changing one thing

If you’ve ever watched reality TV, you know that we humans are obsessed with the idea of radical transformation. Total home renovations; extreme weight loss programs; makeover consultations with beauticians, hairstylists, fashionistas, and more.

Most of the time though — in ACTUAL reality — you don’t need to make such drastic alterations to your body or […]