Got a “News” section on your site? Update it regularly.

Having a News section on your site is a great way to keep your current fans engaged. It’s also bound to be one of the first places new visitors check out when they visit you on the web, possibly looking for your newest song, show dates, or what’s coming up next for you and your music.

But if not given the proper amount of regularly scheduled attention, this section of your site can make it look like you’re on hiatus, have nothing going on, or have stopped making music altogether.

Should you be expected to have earth-shattering developments in your music career every week or month? It sure would be nice, but for most of us, we’re grinding away when we have time and major victories are hard-earned but few and far between. That’s OK! No one expects you to be checking in from your world tour every three days.

That being said, posting something at least once a month in your News section has great benefits, even if you’re not announcing your latest Grammy nomination. Talk about recording. Talk about song ideas you’re workshopping. Share a picture of your new instrument, pedal, or other gear. Heck, talk about a movie you watched recently, what you thought of it, and how it’s influencing your current creative process. Share a funny YouTube video. Just post something, and post it on a regular basis.

If you get into a rhythm, your site visitors will too, and they’ll make a point to check in every week/month to see what’s going on in your world. Then, when you do have that big news – a new video, a new album, some new tour dates – they’ll be right there to read about it.

Any suggestions on using the News section of your site to your advantage, or any tips for keeping things fresh? Let us know in the comments.