5 steps to a pro musician website with HostBaby

5 steps to a professional music website with HostBabyJust because you have a bunch of social media profiles doesn’t mean you’ve established a web presence. A serious musician needs a professional website.

Luckily, HostBaby makes it easy to look like a pro online.

Create a website for your music in minutes!

Then follow these simple tips to build your web presence on a solid foundation:

1. Connect to CD Baby — Integrate your CD Baby account with HostBaby and you’ll be able to add a music player and music store to your website without any uploading (because uploading is, like, totally boring).

2. Import your Instagram feed — Filters are fun! Take your HostBaby Photo Gallery to a whole new level by displaying your Instagrams right on your website.

3. Collect your fans’ email addresses — Use ListBaby’s simple email-capture feature, or if you use another email management tool (how could you!!!???), just embed a widget!

4. Organize your songs the way YOU want — With HostBaby’s audio pages, you can create a curated music experience for your fans, display artwork, and provide purchase links for any of your songs (not just your songs on CDBaby.com).

5. Tell the world — With a pro website, people will find you easier when they search online, but you should still actively direct your fans to your site. Let everyone know: your email subscribers, your Twitter followers, your Facebook friends, your banker, your barber, your barista, and more.

Want to  establish a pro web presence for your music in 2015? Try HostBaby FREE for 30 days!