HostBaby’s new music pages are here!

With HostBaby’s new music pages, you can easily import your CD Baby albums and tracks into your HostBaby audio page, where we’ll link up your artwork, format everything to match your theme, and even make a “buy” button that links to your CD Baby album page. Want to link to another store? You can do that, too. Want to upload tracks that aren’t on CD Baby? No problem.

It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and comes with every HostBaby site! Log in today, try it for yourself, then tell your fans to check out your new page and share it!

Found any unique ways to draw attention to your new music page? Let us know in the comments!

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2 comments to HostBaby’s new music pages are here!

  • William {Edward} McGee

    Would like to start a web page this January. Now I have other music recorded with a major ban called the tower of power. On my web site will it be possible to link this to my past recordings with the band listed that would pull attention and like them to me so fans out there will come to my web site?

  • Hi there,

    Absolutely. You can create a website for your music that links to all your past recordings (and features a music player so visitors can listen). I would also recommend creating a specific page on your site dedicated to the record with Tower of Power. That way you’ll have opportunity to create SEO-rich content that will attract fans of that band to your site.

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