What music genres are searched for the most on Google?

music genresData from Google can tell us a lot about what’s popular in the world. After all, when people are curious about something, generally they will “Google it”. In fact, Google has created a website called “Google Trends” that lets you track the popularity of search terms over time. It even lets you compare musical genres. Is the music you play in popular decline? Or are you riding the tides of increased popularity? Below is the Google trends report for “rock music” versus “pop music.”




Rock Music vs Pop Music

pop music vs rock music

Looks like rock music is still king, but it has been trending down, while pop music has been holding somewhat steady. Will pop music over take rock music in 2020 as the most searched for music genre? We shall see. What about classical music? Or country music? Country has seen a resurgence in recent years, right?

(Note this data is taken from English searches worldwide. You can also choose to look at data from a single country using Google Trends).

                                                     Pop Music vs Classical Music vs Country

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.35.35 AM

Looks like Country and Pop are in a battle to the finish. Any Metal heads out there? Let’s throw another term into the mix.

Pop vs Classical vs Country vs Metal


Looks like heavy metal was making waves in 2007-2009, but has lost popularity since. What about the music genre you play? Are you playing a genre that is in full swing? Or a genre that has seen better days? Check out Google Trends and let us know in the comments below!