10 ways to write blog posts without writing

twisted pencil

Blogging, hands down, is one of the best ways to build an online audience. Sadly, many artists avoid it because, well . . . writing is hard and it takes time. As artists, we don’t always have a ton of free time to compose verbose blog posts about philosophy and art. Usually we we just have about ten minutes between “that one thing” and “that other thing” and writing a lengthy blog post is out of the question. And that’s perfectly fine.

You don’t have to write a novel to publish a blog post. In fact, you don’t even need to write a whole paragraph.

Here are 10 ways to post engaging blog posts that won’t give you writer’s cramp.


1. Guest post

One of the best ways not to write a post, is to get someone else to do it for you. Seek out fans, friends, and professionals that have a gift for the written word. Invite them to post articles on your blog. The extra exposure can benefit them too!

2. A social digest
Take your top posts from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and copy and paste them into a blog post. done.

3. Photo post
Post a collection of photos from a rehearsal, or an event. Pick only your best pics though. Curation is important.

4. Interview post
Ask someone you admire 3-5 questions via email. Publish the answers as a post (with permission of course).

5. Video post

Interview yourself or a fan. Do something quick an easy. No editing required. Even a Vine video can become a blog post.

6. Audio post

Don’t feel like writing? Howabout talking? Put that built-in microphone on your laptop to use. Embed the recording as an MP3. Before you know it you’ll be a regular podcaster!

7. List post

List posts (like this one) require fewer words and time. It could be your 5 favorite songs of the year, your favorite performance tips, or a list of your favorite websites.

8. Survey post

Write a short survey and invite your audience to participate. If you feel like getting fancy you can use survey monkey, or just ask people to reply in the comments section.  if you

9. Link post

Recommend your favorite internet content with links. Pick a theme like “funniest keyboard solos” or “drawings by elephants” and link to your top 5 or 10.

10. Contest post

Decide on a contest theme. Then ask your friends and fans to submit pictures, stories, music . . . whatever you choose. Post all the content on your blog and give a first, second, and third prize. (Often content like this can turn into many blog posts).

Can you think of any other kinds of blog posts that require little or no writing? Leave your comments in section below. (If you don’t feel like commenting, I also accept: links, pics, videos, and more).