6 ways to dress your website for the holidays

hand decorating christmas treeAdding some holiday flare to your website can increase engagement, deepen relationships with your fans, and let visitors know that your website is an active place where the landscape changes just like the seasons.  It’s really not all that different than decorating your home with garlands or lights. And like any holiday preparations, some people go all-out, with thousands of lights and a nativity lawn-set, and others to choose to do something small like a simple wreath on the front door.  The extent and style to which you celebrate the holidays on your website is up to you. Be creative. If you’re a death metal band you might feature Santa wielding battle axe rather than a sprig of holly or a cup of cocoa. Do what you think will resonate best with your fans.

Here’s 6 holiday tips for spicing up your site for the holidays:

1. Add a holiday photo to your homepage

Take a picture of yourself or your band in from of a Christmas tree or in the act of lighting the menorah. Any holiday setting will do. If you want to get really adventurous, exercise your Photoshop skills and overlay a holiday greeting on your photo–like a digital postcard. Post your photo prominently on your homepage so everyone who lands on your site gets a dose of good cheer. Just don’t forget to take it down after the holidays. You don’t want to be the website version of those neighbors who leave their decorations up all the way through March.

2. Embed a holiday video message

Sometimes recording a short holiday greeting video on your phone is just the thing to infuse your website with the holiday spirit. For more tips on creating a holiday video greeting, check out this article on that very subject: A simple recipe for creating a special holiday video greeting for your fans. 

3. Cover a holiday song and share it on your website

Record a holiday classic and make it your own. Make the song streamable on your site, or give it away free when people sign up to your email list.

4. Create a holiday charity drive to engage your fans

Partner with your favorite charity and encourage your fans to donate. You can collect canned food or gifts, match donations, or simply provide a link where fans can donate to your favorite cause.

5. Dress your site in holiday colors

Give your website a red and green treatment or use a holiday themed wallpaper for your site background. With HostBaby’s Site Builder, you can transform your site in just a few clicks by using the OnSite editor.

6. Have a holiday themed contest

Ask your fans to submit videos, photos, or music with a holiday theme. You could ask for people to send in their cookie recipes, gift lists, or silly Santa pics.. Give the best entries a prize and feature all the submissions on your site, so people can share and comment.

Do you have any other suggestions for dressing your website up for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below.

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