How to Embed a Vine Video on Your Website

How to Embed Vine VideosVine is a micro-video service that enables you to easily shoot short (6 seconds!) looping movies and share them via social media.

When Vine first launched, you could only embed Vine videos on your website by embedding a tweet in which that video was shared. The video would play within the tweet frame, but all the other things that appear in tweets would show up with the video: Twitter handle, reply and favorite options, etc.

But now you can embed a Vine video all by itself on any website — and at full 600×600 resolution!

Here’s how to embed Vine videos:

1. Open up Vine on your iPhone; go to your profile; and scroll until you find the video you want to embed. Embedding Vine Videos 2. Click the “share” options in the lower right hand corner — marked with the three dots. Then select “Share this post.” Embedding Vine Videos 3. On the next option screen, click “embed.” Embed Vine Video 4. Once you click the “Embed” button, you’ll be taken to a screen like this: Vine Video Embed Code Type your email address into the “To” field and hit send. Then open up that email and click the link Vine sent.

5. When you click that link, you’ll be given a few options to select the kind of Vine video you want to embed. Choose between “Standard,” which displays video caption and user profile info when you move over the video with your mouse, like so:

… and “Postcard,” which looks like this (with your Vine user profile picture and the caption displayed in a white fram around the video):


For either option, you can select between three different resolution settings: 600, 480, and 320 pixels.

6. Copy the code; embed!


Have you embedded Vine videos on your site? How did you use them? Let us know in the comments section below — and don’t forget to include the URL to your website.

For more info, check out “8 Ways to Promote Yourself with Vine” from CD Baby.