Overhaul Your Website in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Redesign Your Website in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Rock-solid abs in just 5 minutes a day? Learn German in just 5 minutes a day? Get rich in just 5 minutes a day?

Hmmmm. I’m not sure how well any of those programs work to improve your health, wealth, and smarts, but overhauling your stale website IS something you can achieve by spending just 5 minutes a day — over the course of one week — updating elements of your site’s design, copy, etc.

The good thing about redesigning websites is it doesn’t have to be an in-depth makeover; you can usually just make a handful of strategic tweaks and it’ll feel like a whole new experience for frequent visitors (yourself included). And the more fresh and exciting your site feels, the more inspired you’ll be to stay active and engaged with your online audience.

So, here’s an easy, step-by-step plan to freshen up your website in 5 minutes a day

Day 1: Change your prominently featured pictures

Many websites use photos as the pivotal design element around which all other elements turn. If this is true for your site, swapping out old photos for some new pics — or using alternate shots from your photo shoot (you held a few alternates in reserve, right?!) — can make your site feel brand new (especially if you’ve used photos in the top header section of your site).

Choose which new photos you’d like to feature; crop or resize them, if necessary; add borders, logos, or text to any photos that require it; and switch them on your website. Bam! 50% of your work is done already. Well, not literally 50% — but you’ve taken care of the most noticeable design element on day 1!

Day 2: Choose new colors

Now that you’ve chosen some new photos, it’s time to tweak your website’s colors to match. Whether you’re using HostBaby’s website creation tools, or some template system or theme from WordPess or Tumblr, it’s easy to change the main colors you’re using on your site: background color, borders, text color, hover/link, etc.

Day 3: Add new songs, sample chapters, or videos

Time to update your media! If you don’t have any brand new songs, books, movies, or other projects to highlight — you can always add older material to the site, just to keep things changing. Mix it up between “deep cuts” and the newest work you’re most proud of.

Day 4: Update your bio

You don’t have to think about a grand biographical rewrite. Just touch up your existing bio with a few new milestones, achievements, goals, etc. Add them to the end of the bio, read back through the whole thing and make any adjustments that are necessary, and publish it to your website.

Day 5: Revise other important web copy such as the mission statement, About page, calls-to-action, etc.

Take a similar approach to any other featured copy on your site. Make sure it still sounds good to you, and if not — make some edits.

Day 6: Adjust your widgets

Be sure that all your widgets are up-to-date in terms of accurate information, media, etc. Make any necessary changes, and then be sure to customize the color and appearance of each widget to match the new color scheme of your website.

Day 7: Tell the world!

And on the 7th day,… No, it’s not time to rest yet. Not until you’ve spent 5 minutes on social media telling your fans to check out your new site. (If you’re feeling ambitious, send out an email newsletter about it too!)


Did we forget anything? Let us know how you approach website overhauls in the comments section below.

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