How to Check if Your Website Has Been Indexed by Google and Bing

Add your site to google and bingMaking sure your website is properly indexed by major search engines like Google and Bing is fairly easy. You can also check when the last time your pages were indexed and how many pages of your website have been indexed.

Note: A new website can sometimes take a week or more to get discovered by search engines. Sometimes it’s just a waiting game. To insure your site doesn’t get looked over, you may want to submit your website to Google and Bing directly. This may (or may not) speed up the process, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Submit to Google. Submit to Bing.

Is Your Site Indexed by Google and Bing?

Here’s how to check. (This works for both Google and Bing) Go to or and type

into the search field (Substitute your website name for “”)

This will show you all the pages indexed of your site, including the page count. If you want to see how long ago a particular page was indexed, use the drop-down arrow next to the URL on any search result and select the cashed version. This works for both Google and Bing and will show you a version of the web page as it looked last time Google crawled the page. You will also see the date and time that the page was last indexed. Depending on how often you update your site, Google may crawl your site daily, weekly, or even monthly. As a rule of thumb, the more frequently you update your site and share your content, the faster Google will index your pages.

Google Search Tip:

For a quick way to view the cached version of a particular page (the page as it looked last time it was indexed) use the following command in the Google search bar:


(where “” is the page you want to check on)

This will load the cached version of the page.

Note: If you are having trouble with pages being indexed, I recommend signing up with Google webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster tools. This will provide you with extra resources for submitting your web pages for indexing.

Do you have any search engine tips or questions? Let us know in the comments below. Build a Search Engine Friendly Website with HostBaby

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4 comments to How to Check if Your Website Has Been Indexed by Google and Bing

  • K. Q. Duane

    I’m using a tablet. Could that be why there isn’t a drop down arrow next to URL? Can’t get past your first step. Any suggestions?

  • Reeda Mason

    Using the isn’t really a good idea because google doesn’t update its cache regularly enough; so if you had pages showing as blocked by robots before, made the fix, then a month later you will probably see the same urls blocked. Googles doesn’t even show you new indexed pages using the site search method. Really, it’s like google rarely updates anything.

  • ventana56

    What would you do, instead please!

  • Using will show you if your page has been indexed. If your page does not show up–that means it’s not indexed. Sometimes Google’s cache of a particular page may not be up to date. If this is the case, you can submit the URL through webmaster tools in order to request that Google crawls your page. Google crawls websites at different frequencies depending on the popularity of the site and frequency of content updates–as well as other factors.

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