Why Updating Your Website Regularly is Important

Updating Your WebsiteWe’ve all been to a site that might as well have tumbleweeds rolling through it, and nobody likes hanging out in a ghost town. Well, except maybe Scooby-Doo and the gang, but they were there to solve mysteries. But random visitors to your site who are met with outdated info won’t take the time to sleuth out where you are and what you’re doing; instead they’ll just move on, figuring you’ve given up.

When I visit a site that hasn’t been updated in a year (or more), that’s what I assume. Or I make leaps that are possibly even more damning, pegging the person as lazy, unprofessional, or someone who starts things and doesn’t finish them. This is not the person you want to be, because it will win you few fans and even fewer return visitors.

But when I visit a site that was updated last week – even if it’s simply a “Hey, just checking in to let you guys know what I’m up to” sort of thing – I immediately know this person/band/brand is engaged and current, and even if they don’t have any huge news or announcements, I’ll probably make a mental note to check back with them in the future.

How to keep your website content fresh

Does updating your site on a regular basis sound like a hassle? It isn’t, or at least it doesn’t have to be. Pick a day or evening during the week when you know you’ll have an hour of downtime, and make that your designated time to add something new to your site. The added advantage of getting into a routine like this is that you’ll train people to check in with you once a week on a certain day.

Even if you don’t have any “real” news, let people know what you’ve been up to, how you liked the new Superman movie, or share a funny picture of your cat. You can’t release an album every week, but come on: you’re an artist! You’re creative! Get yourself on a schedule (even if it’s a loose one), make regular updates (even if they’re goofy), and you might be surprised at how it ups your traffic, increases your communication with potential fans, and gets rid of that lingering feeling that you’ve been neglecting something.

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