Your Website is Outdated Because…

Why Your Website is Outdated

10 reasons why you and your website are stuck in the past

1. You own stock in Adobe, and you’re waiting for Flash to make its big comeback. And while all other web designers have abandoned Flash, you’re loyal as a dog. An old, half-blind, narcoleptic dog that’s developed a bad limp.

2. Following your dreams got to be a bummer, so you quit pursuing your art back in 2006 and got a real job as a bean-counter. There are lots of beans to count too, so even though you now have the money to pay some web genius to make a great archival site for your music / writing / paintings / etc. (RIP!), your mind is always focused on that next bean. Leave those beans on the table for a moment and make sure your website has current content and works on mobile devices. Then, by all means, count those beans.

3. You think your website is like some damn Van Gogh hanging in a museum. A website should be an interactive experience that works great on all devices. Think of your website, not as a painting on a wall, but a two-way window where you can interact with your visitors and fans.

4. You LOVE bold text, blinking fonts, visitor tickers, and anything with flames. 2003 was your big year, and ain’t nobody gonna forget it!

5. You assume everyone who visits your site — and all their office co-workers — are ready to rock out to the music that auto-plays the second your homepage stops loading. People don’t like auto-play. It scares them. And speaking of loading…

6. You think your website is like Splash Mountain at Disney World: the longer the wait, the more fun the ride. That’s why you never bothered to make your site load faster. Anticipation is half the fun. Along those same lines…

7. You like mystery — and the more clicking someone has to do, the more mysterious you seem. That’s why you’ve stuck with that pointless arty landing page for the past 5 years, even though it doesn’t have any news announcements, event dates, or blog posts.

8. Your website looks like THIS.

9. You were in your physical prime in the 90’s. So that glossy, B&W headshot of you with the perm/hockey-hair/flattop should suffice for a while longer. It might also land you that gig as an extra on daytime TV. (Update your photos!)

10. Incredible paradigm shifts in the way we create, commodify, and market intellectual property aren’t going to shift you! No way are you going to let visitors hear more than 30 seconds of your songs; or read more than the first couple sentences of your book; or view large, hi-resolution images of your artwork. Your customers will decide they want to buy your products “just ’cause.” (Share more and you will be rewarded).


Websites aren’t like fine wine, retro clothing, or vintage musical gear. They generally don’t age well.

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[Antiques image from Shutterstock.]