Responsive Website Design is ‘Well Adjusted’ for the Modern Web

responsive designYou’ve probably noticed the mobile internet revolution is here. Powering that revolution is something, you may-or-may-not have heard of, called responsive design. Responsive web design means that you don’t have separate mobile, tablet, and PC versions of your site. Instead you just have one. A responsive website adapts to whatever size screen it’s being displayed on.

Makes sense right? There are more and more internet devices on the market and they all have different sized screens. It would be impossible to design a separate website for each one.

Responsive website design has become the golden standard in just a few years. Google endorsed responsive design as their “recommended configuration” in a blog post in June of 2012. Mashable has dubbed 2013 as the “year of responsive design

This is why HostBaby has committed to creating responsive templates. In fact, we’ve already launched over a dozen responsive templates, with more on the way.

Why is responsive design so great? I’ll give you 5 reasons.

1. Responsive Design is Good for the Web

Making content on mobile different from desktop fragments the web and makes it harder for users to find what they need.

2.Responsive Design is Good for Search

A paired down mobile site is usually light on content and links, and therefore it wont rank well. A responsive site puts all your value (content, links, likes, etc) in one place.

3.Responsive Design is Good for Design

Responsive design allows designers to create designs that look great, stay aesthetically consistant, and adapt to improve usability across devices.

4.Responsive Design is Flexible

Not only does a responsive website move graphic elements around to fit your device, you can change the behavior of a responsive site based on the device. For instance you could create a mobile-friendly nav menue that appears on mobile devices but not on desktops.

5. Users Like it

For users, responsive design ensures a great experience on every screen.

Note for HostBaby clients: To choose a responsive template for your site, use the “responsive” selector in your account under “Theme Chooser”

Do you have any thoughts or experience with responsive design websites? Leave your comments below.