How to Geo-Target Your Facebook Posts

Geo-Targeting Your Facebook PostsSay you have an 18+ show in Ann Arbor, Michigan coming up (or a book launch party — this info can apply to just about any event). Instead of letting all of your fans from around the world know about that particular show, you can just invite your Ann Arbor, Michigan fans that are of a certain age!

How? By geographically targeting your Facebook posts! Facebook now gives you the option to target your posts by Gender, Relationship Status, Educational Status, Interested In, Age, Location, and Language giving you the ability to invite certain groups of people in certain locations. In this case, all of your Ann Arbor fans over 18 years of age.

Here’s how to do it:

Write your post as you normally do. Maybe you’d say something like: “Hey Ann Arborites, we’re playing an 18 and over show at The Ark next Friday, January 18th! Tickets are onsale now, grab ‘em here:” 

How to Geo-Target Facebook Posts

Next, click on the location icon directly below and left where you’re typing your post. It looks like this:

How to Geo-Target Facebook Posts

Once clicked, it will bring up on option that says “Add Targeting.”

Click on ‘Add Targeting’ and choose “Location.

How to Geo-Target Facebook Posts

You’ll then choose your country, region or state, and/or city:

How to Geo-Target Facebook Posts

Once you’ve designated your location area, you can choose to include additional targeting options, and in this case, age. To invite only 18 and over, you’d choose “Target by Age” and then designate the range from 18 to 65 (age 65 is what our Facebook page maxes out at):

How to Geo-Target Facebook Posts

Your post is now ready to go! So hit “post” and wait for the throngs of over 18 Ann Arborites to flock your show!

How to Geo-Target Your Facebook Posts

Have you ever used Facebook targeting to promote your gigs to a certain demographic or geographic? Please share your tips and learnings in the comments below!

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9 comments to How to Geo-Target Your Facebook Posts

  • I’ve tried several ways to find the “location” option on my personal and band page…even under the promote option, I don’t get the opportunity to geo-target…anyone else having this problem?

  • Steffen Hansen

    If you don’t see it, go to Edit Page > Manage Permissions. Check the box next to Post Privacy Gating – Allow me to control the privacy of new posts I make on my Page.

  • Thanks Steffen, that’s brilliant! I knew of this functionality for a while but thought it was only available in the US… This is going to be extremely helpful at my job: promoting film releases in multi-language territories :)

  • I can now localize my posts on geographic location and language (thanks Steffen!) but still have no access to the geo-targeting as described in the blog post, e.g. targeting age, gender, interest.. The cross hair icon only shows up when composing an advert, not a post. Could this be US only?

  • Last I read this option was made available only to pages with 5,000 likes or more. Sucks! But that may be the reason you don’t have the option despite changing your page settings as shown.

  • Hey thanks for answering this location. Thought Facebook took the option away but my box was unchecked! Appreciate the help:)

  • Veronica Segovia

    Thanks! This helped me too!

  • Peter Sterkenburg

    Perhaps someone can answer that here: What happens if I share a geo-targeted page post to my own profile? Will all my friends around the world see it (as my normal posts only can be seen by my friends), or will the geo-targeting filter through here, and limit the post to those friends who are within the geo-targeting limits?

  • Emily Weber

    Is this still an option on the most recent Facebook refresh? I can only find an option to geo-target when I “Boost” a post.

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