5 Free Tools from Google to Help Advance Your Career as an Artist

5 Free Google Tools to Help You With Your Artistic Career

Free Google tools that will help you save time online

The folks at Google are busy. It seems as though we’re constantly reading announcements about how they have come up with faster and cooler technologies to help improve the way we interact online.  We’ve highlighted a few below, some new, some older, but all hopefully useful in helping you make the most of your time online.


Google+ is Google’s social networking platform. For authors and musicians, it offers some creative ways to share your work with interested fans and interact with other artists. Musicians can find more on Google+ here, and authors here

Google Maps

Google Maps is Google’s powerful, user-friendly mapping technology and local business information center online. And they also have a smartphone app that completely rocks. Easily find your way to your next concert or book launch event with Google Maps.


Google owns YouTube. And YouTube is quickly becoming the go-to place for discovering music, books, and everything in between. We’ve written so many articles about YouTube for musicians, we put together a guide about it! For authors, YouTube is perfect for making a book trailer video, filming your writing process, and doing interviews. For musicians, YouTube is ideal for creating music videos, filming backstage, and giving the inside scoop on your latest song lyrics.


Gmail is Google’s smart, practical and easy-to-use email service. Why use it? You can log in anywhere from anything that has Internet access, you get tons of free storage space, and there are lots of cool features within Gmail to take advantage of. Like: Google Chat!

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s online storage house for your stuff. Wherever you are your stuff is there, and they give you 5G for free. Use Google Docs to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and they’ll be automatically stored to your Google Drive.

Additional resources from Google include: Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Alerts (which we’ve also written about here), and Google Analytics. Check out our previous post on Google resources here as well.

What’s your favorite Google Tool for organizing your creative life? Let us know in the comments below!

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