Grow Your Email List and Keep Your Subscribers

grow-your-email-list-exchangeGive Something. Get Something.

One of the easiest ways to grow your email list is by making a very clear value exchange with your subscribers. An example would be: “Sign up to my email newsletter and get this free eBook/MP3/PDF/discount.” (Often all that is needed to do this is to add a download link to your thank-you page or thank-you email).

If you’re not offering a very clear value proposition, you’re not going to get many subscribers. If you want to grow your email list and keep your current subscribers, then you have to make it apparent that there are benefits that only your newsletter subscribers will receive.

That being said, trading an email address for a digital download isn’t going to get you anywhere if your newly subscribed fan hits the ‘Unsubscribe’ button as soon as he or she gets your next email. That’s why it’s important to offer more than just a “free download” when someone subscribes to your list. What you really want is to create a mutually beneficial relationship. You provide your subscribers with cool stuff (daily,weekly, or monthly) and they spend the time to read your emails and occasionally buy what you’re selling.

In order for this relationship to work, you’ve got to give something to your audience in every email. That’s right. Every email you send is also another opportunity for your subscribers to “unsubscribe.” To keep your subscribers, you need to always add value.

One of the mistakes I see most often, is people sending out a barrage of event notices to their list, especialy to geographic areas far away from where the event occurs. If you send me an invitation to your concert or book signing in Florida more than once, I’ll probably unsubscribe from your list. Because I live in Portland, and I’m not planning on traveling to Alaska anytime soon. Make sure to segment your email list for local events and don’t spam people all over the country. Also, remember to add value even to simple event reminders. How about a discount for your subscribers who come to your show or simply include a funny video or joke you’ve seen or heard lately.

The Moral of the story is, before you click send, ask yourself, “Does this email contain a good value to my subscribers?” If it doesn’t, take the time to include something special. Remember it can be anything: a discount, download, comic, YouTube video, blog article, essay, joke, etc. Just make sure it’s there. Your subscribers will reward you by staying subscribers.

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