10 Kinds of Content to Keep Your Blog Posts Funky Fresh

Sometimes it’s tough to get fresh content up on your blog week after week. Even the most inspired writers will hit a wall every now and again.

But not all your blog posts have to be brilliant, lengthy essays. You can be an effective blogger and spend less than 15 minutes writing each post!

Here’s a list of 10 different kinds of blog posts you can try without a huge time investment. By varying your posts by type and length, you’ll keep your readers more engaged and make it easier for you to generate compelling content on-time—all the time.

10 blog post ideas for when the content well runs dry

1. News update- Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Announce your big news items (book launch, album release, etc.) well in advance of the event. Provide all the relevant details and a little extra context to hook ’em with the dramatic backstory and the thrilling future ahead.

2. Direct engagement- Of course you want ALL your posts to be engaging. But every once in a while it’s fun (and more importantly—illuminating) to directly communicate with your blog readers. Ask them questions; post a poll; solicit feedback; or request their assistance in some other way, like getting involved in a street team or fan-funding campaign.

3. Video or photo diary- You’ve got dozens of possibilities for video and photo posts, so cycle through them all! Embed original videos, quick video diary, press photos, fan photos, behind-the-scenes photos, or even someone else’s videos. Go!

4. Tell a story- Your readers love to hear about the highs and lows of your creative life. Give them the embarrassing stories, the triumphs, the travelogue with all the details and detours left in!

5. Lists- We love lists. Heck, look at the title of this blog post. Top 10…. 5 Ways… Worst 3… Put a list together, even if it’s only tangentially related to your topic. They’re quick to write and quick to post. Plus, your readers will want to share their opinions in the comments section.

6. How-to- Instructional posts are oftentimes the most popular content on blogs. Do you have some particular knowledge or advice to share? Write it up step-by-step and see how it goes!

7. Best-ofs- You don’t always have to create NEW content. Every once in a while you should go back over your most popular posts, put a few together by category, and post a new article that links to those older pieces.

8. Reviews and recommendations- Your opinion counts. It’s YOUR blog, after all. So share your thoughts on favorite books, albums, restaurants, vacation destinations, coffee brands, and whatever else you feel passionate about.

9. Answer reader questions- Put the call out that you’d like to answer some questions from your readers. (Hey, there’s a blog post right there!) Then you can either break your answers up into individual posts or make it one long fan-guided interview.

10. Guest post or interview- Let someone else do the work for a change. Enlist some guest contributors to provide blog content for you (and link back to their site, of course). Or send a few questions to someone you admire and turn that interview into its own blog post.


Did I forget anything? In what ways do you vary your blog posts? Let us know in the comments below.

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