10 Ideas for Quick-and-Painless Blog Posts

Quick Ideas For Blog Posts

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Are you afraid to look at the date of your most recent blog post? Was it written within the last week? The last year? The last presidency? We all know how important blogging is. It’s the best way to grow an online audience. But blogging is one of the easiest tasks to put off, ignore, or neglect. That’s because blogging feels like a lot of work. It feels like your 8th grade English teacher has come back to haunt you with a two-page writing assignment–due every Friday for the rest of your life.

Aaaaaaaaaaaa . . . .

But blogging doesn’t have to be hard, doesn’t have to take much time or work, and should rarely ever fill up two pages (maybe if it’s double-spaced with plenty of large type).

Here are 10 blog post ideas that are so quick and easy you could finish them on a bar napkin during a commercial break.

1. The Question Post

Ask your audience to share their opinions or stories on a subject. Publish!

2. YouTube Embed

Post an interesting YouTube video that you’ve watched recently. Write a few sentences about what the video makes you think about. Ask your audience to weigh in. Publish!

3. Article Review

Write 3 or 4 sentences about an article that you read recently. Post a link to that article. Ask your audience what they think about the article. Publish!

4. Top 10 Blogs

Post a list of your favorite blogs on a certain topic with links. Ex: My 5 Favorite Ukelele Blogs or My Top 8 Author Blogs

5. Top People to Follow on Twitter

Post a list of your favorite people to follow on Twitter. Not on Twitter? What about Facebook. Tumblr, Google+, Pinterst, etc? Publish!

6. Email Interview

Interview someone that your fans would be interested in reading about. Email this lucky individual 5-10 questions. When you receive the questions and answers . . . Publish!

7. Photo Post

Post 3-10 photos from an event with a brief description under each. Publish!

8. Video Blog Post

Grab your smart phone, hit record. Give your audience a shout out, and a few details about what you’re up to. Upload the video. Embed it on your blog. Publish!

9. Announcement

When is your next appearance, event, or party? Write a blog post letting folks know all the important details. Publish!

10. Haiku Post

The shortest blog post
is probably a Haiku
for when all else fails


Do you have any quick-and-easy ideas for a blog post? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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