Introducing the New HostBaby Audio Player

The New HostBaby audio player is here. The new player can be easily be embedded on any HostBaby Site Builder website and it will automatically replace the old (flash based) music player. The new music player is built in HTML5 so it works great on mobile devices and tablets and everything else. It’s also easy to customize the look and feel in your Theme Editor section.

To activate the new audio player, all you have to do is drag it into one of your widget areas (in the widget section of your site) and create a playlist. That’s it.

If you need any help with the new music player, check out these tutorials:

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9 comments to Introducing the New HostBaby Audio Player

  • Greg

    The video demo is not appearing!  Needs a fix!

  • Hmm. Seems to be working for me.

  • Dov

    That is great!! Thanks!!

  • summer

    It’s a great new thing (and looks easy to drag and drop)…..although I’d like to see it taken a step further with the option to be able to purchase the tracks right there….like it looks on CDBaby.

  • Not currently, Sorry Frank. You should check out soundcloud though. They have a good player anyone can use.

  • Sum1Good


    I have been using this new HTML5 Playlist on my Hostbaby site since the moment you offered it, and I am very glad you went with HTML5 instead of flash for it because I promote my music to people worldwide using Twitter and inserting the links in each Tweet which you provide directly to each song added via your Playlist “Facebook” share icon on the playlist itself. I just open Facebook in another window and then post a song there using the Hostbaby Playlist Facebook Icon and then copy and save the resulting link for further promotional use in Twitter and elsewhere. It would be nice to have *more options* than just Facebook for that, but Facebook at lest is a start, so bravo! : )

    I have a few direct concerns about the new playlist though and would appreciate more clarity as follows:

    1) I have already 65 of my own original songs on my playlist at Hostbaby ( ) and I create and add about 4 or 5 new songs to add to that playlist every week without fail. consequently… what is the content limit of the number of Hostbaby-hosted songs each playlist can handle?

    2) If there is a song quantity limit, I WILL REACH IT and probably fast, so if there IS and I DO, can you make it possible for me to add additional versions of your playlist at my site simultaneously?

    3) Can you please make it so that the Playlist Widget offers users the possibility to EMBED the widget wherever THEY have sites or forum accounts? This is a function offered by the flash site hosts worldwide such as wix,com, and is VITAL in promoting music in a viral fashion worldwide, BUT, YOU have the advantage over Wix and similar site hosts in that your Widget is PHONE stream-able unlike a flash widget… so PLEASE… capitalize on that advantage for all our sakes and the sooner the better! : )

    4) There is one more issue regarding the Playlist that would make it even better for us all… the ability of us all at Hostbaby to place it anywhere on our sites in addition to having the option of placing it on our designated, and thus design-layout-limited widget area.

    Thanks, and the fact that you not only innovate, but care enough to ask us publicly for feedback is VERY encouraging! : ) All the best to you all!

    – Sum1Good
    – (a Hostbaby Music Site)

  • Thanks a bunch. We will be adding more social features to the widget. We’re not done with it yet :)

    We are looking into embeddable and pop out options for the widget.

    Don’t worry, you won’t run out of space. There is no song limit.

  • We don’t have a play-count feature yet, but it has been suggested as a feature for version 2 of the audio player. Stay tuned :)

  • We have two audio players. One with autoplay and one without. I would recommend not using autoplay though. It’s widely considered an annoyance to web suffers. People would rather click play then have their phone, ipad, or computer suddenly start blaring music when they are not ready for it.

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