Website Design Tips – 5 Easy Tips for Designing an Awesome Site

the happy problem - Best Band Website DesignNot all of us are coders or designers, but that doesn't mean we can't design a great looking website. If you use a service like HostBaby, you have all the tools you need to design your site without getting hung up in code. But no matter how you build your site, here are five tips for making it look great.

1. Awesome Photos

This may be the most important aspect of a well designed website. Your website visitors want to connect with you. One of the best ways you can help them do this is by providing them with pictures of yourself. Whether your an artist, band, author or small business, good photography allows your visitors to see a glimpse into your personality, So try to avoid too much posturing and posing and just be yourself.

Take you time getting the right photo. Digital cameras allow us to take hundreds of photos and keep just one. Even a hack photographer like myself can take one good photo out of a hundred,

Once you've chosen your photo, use a photo editing program to crop it and adjust contrast and colors so the picture goes well with the rest of your site.

Also, don't be afraid to use a big picture or banner at the top of your website. These days we've come to expect an almost cinematic web experience. A website that is mostly text and small pictures can seem outdated and unengaging.

(Check out this article good band photography here.)

2. Color Scheme

Be consistent with your colors. I find it easiest to pick a few colors (3 or 4) and stick with those everywhere on your site. If you have trouble finding colors that go well together, there are some great color scheme tools online, like this one. Try to pick colors that go well with your photos. If you have a logo or graphic that you use, make sure that you use the same colors in your logo. You'll be amazed how much better your site will look when you choose your colors and stick with them.

Colors are usually represented in hexadecimal codes online (#000000 = black). So all you have to do is use a color picker like this one and then write down the numbers of the colors you choose. You can easily choose those same colors while you are designing your site.

3. Simple Navigation

People have short attention spans. Good design also means making it easier for fans to get to where they want to go. Don't name your music store "Jack's merch and music shop." Call it "Store." Don't call your blog page "Sarah's Thoughts." Call it "Blog." Use the tried-and-true tab names–even though they are a little boring. Your visitors will appreciate that it's easy to find what they're looking for.

Also, try not to crowd out your navigation with too many pages. Simpler is better.

4. A Unique Background

Websites don't need to be flat. Try choosing a background for your website that has depth. This could be a simple color gradient or it could be a scenic photograph.

Be careful with using photos that contain people. Putting content over the faces of people can make your site seem awkward or crowded. Subjects such as an empty stage, a ghost town or a landscape would work well.

Here's some great resources for finding free background images

Also make sure that your text is readable against the background. Adjusting the text color can help. Often it's easier to use a black and white photo or a photo that has been filtered so the colors aren't so complex. it's important that your fans can easily read and understand your text.

5. Matching Social Media Icons

If you really want to look like a pro, find some social networking icons that match the color and feel of your site. Sure, you could pay a designer to make the perfect icons but there are hundreds of free icon sets available online. Do a quick search for "social media icons" or head on over to and choose the best social media buttons that match your site.

Do you have any design tips for making a band or music website? Share them in the comments below!

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