7 Things Every Musician’s Website Must Have

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Simply having a website is not enough . . .

Music fans expect to quickly and easily figure out what you’re about and what you sound like before they make a decision to buy.  Here are 7 essential elements every music or band website should have.

1. Sample Tracks

Let them listen. People don’t usually buy music unless they’ve heard it first. This means you should make at least 2 or 3 full-length tracks available to stream. Music videos are also a good way to allow friends and fans to sample your music before they buy. This is also important so that bloggers and journalists can easily listen to your tunes for reviewing purposes.

2. Purchase Options

Believe it or not, your fans want to support you. Make it easy to buy your CDs, MP3s and merch. Give your fans multiple purchase options. Use the CD Baby music store widget and link to iTunes and Amazon so that fans can choose their preferred method.

3. A Description of Your Music

Give your site visitors an easy way to describe your music and they may just recommend it to a friend using those same terms.

Can you describe your music in just a few sentences? In just a few words? If not, it’s time to start practicing. Ask your friends and fans to write down their own description of your music. Here are some tips on describing your music.

4. A Story

Yep. You read that right. Good stories are engaging. They’re viral. If you can condense the story of your music project into a few action-packed paragraphs, chances are that story will be retold. Here are some tips for crafting your story or Bio.

5. Photos and Video

Show your fans who you are. Take advantage of the brief time that a visitor spends on your site to show them your personality in as many ways as you can.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a video is worth a thousand pictures.

Interview your bandmates. Interview yourself. Check out this tutorial on band photography.

And here’s some great advice on creating music videos.

6. Social Media Buttons

Make sure your fans can “like,” “follow” and “share” your content online. This will allow you to further engage with them down the road.

Here’s an easy tool to create social media follow buttons.

(If you are a HostBaby client using the Site Builder, make sure to enable your share buttons on your settings page).

7. Event Calendar

I’ll excuse those of you that never play live, but if you play concerts or events–it’s essential that you have an up-to-date concert calendar on your site.

Even if you don’t play live, announcing album release dates and other happenings will make your site appear current and give fans reason to come back to your site.

Do you have all of the above on your website? What do you think is essential content on a musician site? Answer in the comments below.

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9 comments to 7 Things Every Musician’s Website Must Have

  • How about leaving some mystique? I love having to dig around to find out more about a band. It’s like I have a secret about them that no one else knows. It’s special. If everything is handed to you you take it for granted. Don’t you remember looking in record store after record store for that one record you heard about but couldn’t find and then you finally get it and you listen to it over and over and never want to let it go? And besides, get off my lawn.

  • GigMasters

    Don’t forget Tour Dates!

  • Mystique is something you can create when you tell a story about your music. You can do this with mysterious videos, obscured photos, ambiguous descriptions. But I would not recommend making it hard for people to listen to or buy your album unless you are going for obscurity.

  • Anonymous

    One of the best record bin finds ever was the plain black jacket with white text album cover of one of XTC’s first records. It plainly stated that inside was a record and that the job of the story printed on the cover was to have a psychological impact causing “me” to purchase it. I did, and discovered some great music…

  • Great thoughts. Its great start for a new Musicians Blog for me… Thanks for the tips.

  • Thanks Brittany. We love showcasing our artists. Thanks for being a HostBaby artist!


  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing Sarah. Thank you for choosing us.

  • Wildcat O'Halloran

    Keep the blues (and dog) alive.  I don’t even like using the word “fans’…too Spinal Tap for me…friend is better

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