SEO: Goodbye meta-tags

seoHere at HostBaby, we often hear from musicians wanting to be sure they have the perfect meta-keyword tags on their so their site ranks #1 on Google. Sorry to break the news, but meta-keywords are not the way.

In fact, the most used search engine on the web, Google, stopped using keyword meta tags for site rankings years ago. Click here if you’d like to read their official statement.

So how do you make your ranking not only high, but relevant to the sort of people who want to find you?

First: make sure your site is easy to index by the search engines.

  • DO use descriptive text in your headlines for blog posts and pages, and make sure to load your pages with photos, videos, and engaging text. The more content you provide, the easier it will be for search engines to match your content to relevant queries.  People sometimes hire “SEO Experts” to come up with the right keyword strategy and placement. Just be sure they are finding keywords that are truly relevant to what your website is about. Which leads us to….
  • DON’T try to trick people into coming to your site with false keywords – that’s not going to help you sell your music or find new fans. You will only end up with angry visitors and may even be temporarily banned by some search engines.

Second: if you haven’t already done this, launch your site.

  • Submit your site to the major search engines.
  • Tell people about it – tell folks who care and know you already first. Post it to your Twitter, send an email out to your email list, write about it in your personal blog. Tell them about your music and why it’s important to you. Tell them what makes you want to write a song or how you feel when performing. Also find the places where people who appreciate your kind of music are online and participate. Find local forums and talk to folks. Keep it real, be sincere.

Third: Maintain your presence, stay current, create strong bonds.

  • Creating interesting and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other technique. This is about sharing your music with people – they’ll want to show others your site when you have good subject matter. When other sites link to you because you have interesting things to share, your ranking in the search engines will naturally go up! You’ll find more fans, venues, advocates, and probably even make some new friends.
  • Keep making blog posts, talking on social media sites and forums, and sending email newsletters – when you sincerely have something to say that others may find useful or insightful. Word-of-mouth will then build on itself, and help build your site’s reputation. A beautiful snowball effect.

To sum up: Fill your site with enough well-thought-out, concise, relevant text to please the search engines, and keep it sincere for your readers. Link to related sites and info, to your social networks, to your favorite forums, and encourage interested folks to link back to you. Get out there and talk with people online. Keep your site interesting and up-to-date. When you have good content that is easy to find, popularity follows!