Make sure your website is mobile and tablet friendly

Mobile and tablet-friendly websites: responsive designIn order to create the best possible experience for visitors, you need to make sure your website looks great and works well on mobile and tablet platforms.

At least 20% of your traffic probably comes from mobile and tablet devices. If your website doesn’t work well on mobile, you’re neglecting two out of every ten visitors to your website.

While dedicated mobile websites were popular in the past, the best solution for creating a website that works great on mobile devices is to make sure your website uses responsive design. Responsive design is Google’s recommended format for handling websites on mobile devices. It’s no joke. A responsive site will automatically resize to fit any screen size—so you don’t have to pinch-and-zoom just to read text.

3 Quick Tips

1. Test your website on the most popular mobile devices. We recommend iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

2. Check to see if the text on your site can be easily read on a mobile devise without zooming. Make sure you can easily click the navigation bar with your fingers. If you use WordPress, check out some of the plugins that will give you more control over how your site appears on mobile and tablet devices.

3. Don’t use Flash graphics on your site. They won’t render on many mobile devices.

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