10 free things to add to your website

There’s just about a ba-zillion website widgets and apps floating about the interweb. Some are super useful and some are not. But who wants to weed through a ba-zillion of anything to find the good ones? Nobody, that’s who! Not even me. That’s why I looked at just a fraction of a ba-zillion and chose just 10 of the most useful and free website add-ons I could find.

Note: Installing web aps on your site should be easy–even for the website-challenged. Basically just copy the code they give you and insert it in your website. If you use an HTML editor (most websites, including HostBaby’s Site Builder, do) you should have an HTML button that you can click before you paste in the code. That’s it. Copy code, click “html,” paste, save, done!

1.Google Analytics

One of the greatest analytic web tools available is totally free. Monitor traffic, social engagement, search rankings, and more. If you’re a HostBaby client it’s super easy to set up. All you have to do is enter your Google Analytics ID on your settings page. See our tutorial.

Create your Google Analytics account here: http://www.google.com/analytics/

2. Google Webmaster Tools

Monitor how your website is represented in search engines and get timely notifications if there are issues with your website. Google Webmaster tools is a powerful ally. Also, check out Bing Webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster tools: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/

3. An email capture form

Many people will come to your website once and never return again. That’s why getting their contact info is so important. It allows you to develop a relationship and send weekly or monthly newsletter updates. At HostBaby, we include a free email signup widget you can use to build your email list. Non-HostBaby members should check out Mail Chimp.

4.Wufoo embeddable forms

Create a questionnaire, a survey, a booking form, anything. Wufu makes it pretty darn easy. I created this one in just shy of 5 minutes.

Fill out my online form.
Create your wufoo form here: http://wufoo.com

5. Twitter and/or Facebook widgets

If you’re active on Twitter and Facebook, both sites offer a variety of widgets you can install on your site.

6. Google Translate

Do you have non-english speaking fans? Do you want non-english speaking fans? Can’t hurt right? Google translate will help foreign speakers understand your website with the click of a button. Note: It’s not perfect. A human translation will always be better.

7. SnapWidget Instagram Slideshow

Are you an avid Instagram user? Snapwidget allows you to create a live stream of all your Instagram photos on your website. Not on Instagram? You could always add an old school Flickr slideshow :)

8. Social media follow buttons

You want your fans to follow you on your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, linkedin and Snobbleplex don’t you? Ok, ok, Snobbleplex doesn’t exist. (You got me). Anyway, you can easily add social media buttons to your website using Nifty Buttons.

NiftyButtons: http://www.niftybuttons.com

9. Skype call button

Let your followers know if you’re available for a skype call right from your website.

Skype Buttons: http://www.skype.com/en/features/skype-buttons/create-skype-buttons/

10. PayPal donate button

Give your visitors the opportunity to donate to your cause with a PayPal donate button. Note: you will need to create a free PayPal account.

PayPal Donate Buttons: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/?cmd=_donate-intro-outside

What no website? HostBaby to the rescue!!!!

Do you have any suggestions for cool and free widgets or buttons for websites? Let us know in the comments below!