Apple’s New Social Network, Ping: What Does it Mean for Musicians?

appleIn a highly anticipated announcement today, Apple announced updates to it’s iPod line, a new Apple TV, a new iTunes logo, and a new social network built into iTunes called Ping.

The service is part of iTunes 10, which Apple releases today.

Steve Jobs said of Ping

Ping is like Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes. It’s a social network all about music and built right into iTunes.

Ping could have a large effect on how musicians and fans interact online because it focuses on interaction, sharing, concert dates, status updates, videos, etc. This very well could be another nail in MySpace’s coffin. We’ll see.

Features According to Apple’s Website:

  • “Follow your favorite artists with a click and become part of their inner circle”
  • “Get in on the action with artist photos and status updates. Even add comments to join the conversation”
  • “Find out what music an artist likes and pick up a few recommendations”
  • “Ping is built into the iTunes app on iPhone and iPod touch. So you can see artist updates from anywhere.”

The question indie artists will be asking is how do we use Ping to connect with our fans?

Well, at this point nobody knows how much access independent artists will have to the service.


What do you think Apple’s music announcements mean to the indie musician?

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