How to Use 3rd Party Widgets on Your HostBaby Site

Embedding widgets on your website

In an earlier post, we answered the burning question: “what the heck is a widget?” and in this post, we listed 5 essential widgets for your site. Here, we’re going to show you how to add a couple of those third-party widgets to your website.

As you already know, HostBaby […]

Essential Third-Party Widgets for Your Band’s Website

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Adding widgets to your website is a great way to integrate your other web presences into your main site without worrying about taking up too much precious real estate.

People are used to seeing those little boxes in the sidebar. They’ll recognize the widgets as a way to connect with you on […]

5 Free Tools from Google to Help Advance Your Career as an Artist

Free Google tools that will help you save time online

The folks at Google are busy. It seems as though we’re constantly reading announcements about how they have come up with faster and cooler technologies to help improve the way we interact online.  We’ve highlighted a few below, some new, some older, but all […]