10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Using Real-World Promotion Techniques

Offline strategies to increase website traffic

When you think about increasing website traffic, you probably picture solitary hours spent hunched over your computer, researching the latest hi-tech methods with which to grab the attention of potential fans. And, sure, there’s definitely some things you can do in that realm. But directing people to your […]

Are You Hurting Your Music Career by Making These Mistakes?

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Artists Make Online 1.Your Website is not a Website:

Promoters, bookers, venues and fans – they all know the difference between a free web page (MySpace, Facebook, Bandcamp, Tumblr) and a professional artist website (www.YOU.com). ┬áSocial media sites are super important, but they are not your home base on the web. […]

Promoting Your Music Website – 5 Deep Linking Tips

Let's face it. You're addicted to your homepage. When you link to your website, you link to your homepage. When you tell people to go to your site, you expect those people to land on your homepage. Your homepage is where all the good stuff is. That's where you really try to 'wow' your visitors. […]