3 Tips to Make Your Website Stand Out from the Rest

Given that there are a billion people using the internet every week, it’s important for websites to be unique in some way.

While you may not have 6-digit (or 10-digit!!!) traffic stats yet, there are a few simple things you can keep in mind to help attract and maintain your audience.

1. Have cool design […]

3 Affordable Photo Resources for Sprucing Up Your Website

Photography is the art of “writing with light,” and as the old cliche goes—when you write with light, it’s as good as using 1000 words.

Incorporating captivating photos into your website design is one of the surest ways to draw visitors further into your online content.

But we’re not all gifted with a photographer’s eye, […]

Website Design Essentials: Define Your Site’s Purpose and Goals

Photo courtesy of http://shutterstock.com


Guest post by Bob Baker, www.TheBuzzFactor.com Not all artists are created equal. This same concept applies to websites. Your personal domain on the Web needs to serve two masters: The needs of your fans AND your own marketing and career goals.

To help you define your site’s main objectives, […]