Make your online photos work overtime

“Repurpose” is a bit of a business-y term, but when it comes to the pictures you post online, repurposing can be your best friend — especially if don’t have time to generate more lengthy web content (such as when you’re on tour, in the middle of a creative project, or indisposed).

I bet you’re already in the habit […]

How using Google Images can cost you $8,000

Do you use images on your website? Of course you do.

Do you only use images that you personally took, created, or explicitly have the rights to use?

Yes? Good call.

No, or not sure? You may want to keep reading.

Google images is the go-to spot for pics on the internet, and we all […]

3 Affordable Photo Resources for Sprucing Up Your Website

Photography is the art of “writing with light,” and as the old cliche goes—when you write with light, it’s as good as using 1000 words.

Incorporating captivating photos into your website design is one of the surest ways to draw visitors further into your online content.

But we’re not all gifted with a photographer’s eye, […]