.Com, .net, .org and beyond: the benefits and drawbacks of top-level domains (and what they say to your audience)

Top-level domains explained

Your website name has gotta end in something. Used to be you picked between .com, .net, and .org, but now there are more options than ever out there for your domain suffix, and even though the majority of them remain obscure, underused, or boutique-y,  there’s some major players you should familiarize yourself […]

How to pick your band’s domain name

There was a time, in the halcyon days of the mid-to-late 90’s, when you had a legitimate shot at getting the exact website address you wanted for your band. Sure, it wasn’t guaranteed, but you definitely had a better chance than you do now.

With the rise of obnoxious domain-name squatters (people who buy up […]