6 quick ways to give your website a fresh feel this Spring

Chances are good the majority of people who come across your music will do so online. If it looks like your website hasn’t been updated in a while, people will assume you don’t take your music or your music career seriously — and they certainly won’t be sharing your content with their friends.

To make […]

Overhaul Your Website in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Rock-solid abs in just 5 minutes a day? Learn German in just 5 minutes a day? Get rich in just 5 minutes a day?

Hmmmm. I’m not sure how well any of those programs work to improve your health, wealth, and smarts, but overhauling your stale website IS something you can achieve by spending […]

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Website

Is Your Website Fresh?

Websites need care. They need petting and grooming and feeding and if you don't take proper care of your website, well, nobody will visit it.

The fact is, the world wide web is a dynamic, happening, growing thing. It's not static anymore. People expect new links, new photos, new blog […]