5 tips for simplifying your website’s navigation

People get stressed when faced with too many options, and my guess is you don’t want to stress out your website visitors. I know I don’t.

Crowded or confusing navigation creates a bad user experience and discourages return visits. If you have more than six primary navigational links on your page, try cutting it back.


Website Navigation: Make it Easy for People to Explore Your Site

Website navigation is clearly one of the most integral parts of your site’s overall experience. If users can’t figure out where to go, or if they can’t quickly find what they’re looking for, they’re bound to grow frustrated and move on.

We’ve said this before, and it’s becoming more true by the day: people’s attention […]

Is Your One-Page Website Hurting Your Career?

Why a one-page website will frustrate your fans

I’ve come across quite a few websites lately (mostly band websites, but a few author sites too) that consist of a single page with a bunch of external links in the top navigation (Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, CD Baby or other music store, WordPress or Tumblr Blog, […]