Turn off, tune out, drop in

Saving time by going offline

The Internet — it’s amazing, right? It makes most things quick and easy. Or at least quicker and easier. But there’s one thing it still can’t do very well: face-to-face interaction.

Sure, there’s Skype and iChat video and Google Hangouts and FaceTime (all of which I happily use, and often). But after […]

21 Ways Someone Might Find Your Website

Sure — Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are great. But the ultimate goal of all your online efforts is to get folks to visit YOUR OWN website, a place where YOU control the user experience and can encourage fans to take specific actions that will support your music-making career (like buying a CD, downloading a new […]

Increase Your Website Traffic with Real-World Techniques

It's easy to forget how connected the virtual world and the real world actually are. After all, we live in both. And that's exactly why you should never limit your online marketing to just "online." It's time to turn off your computer, roll up your sleeves, and generate some web traffic in the real world.