5 ways to build your email list without giving away free music

You give a little, you get a little. It’s the way of the world, and most people in the music biz will tell you that when it comes to building your email list, the easiest way to do it is by offering something of value in return for a potential fan’s contact info. More often […]

How to Add Video to Your Email Newsletter

Have you ever wondered how to add video to your emails?

Of course you have. Video is one the best tools for driving online engagement. Everyone loves ’em: big, bright, flashy videos!

Well, here’s the thing — most people’s email programs don’t display videos. They disable them or strip them out entirely.

But here’s a […]

5 Things to Remember Before You Hit Send

Once you send an email, it’s out there. There’s no getting it back.

So before your message to your fans and followers begins its magical journey through cyberspace and beyond, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve crossed your t’s, dotted your i’s, and not made any huge embarrassing errors that will make you […]

How Often Should I Email My Mailing List?

When it comes to emailing your fan list, the question of frequency is a hot topic with no single correct answer. It varies for everyone. For some, the sweet spot might be once a week, for others, twice a month or monthly. Some people even send out daily emails.

A delicate email balance

One thing […]

6 Tips for Starting and Growing Your Email List

Image via Shutterstock.com

There are so many ways to digitally communicate with your fans these days. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and about 500 other social channels.  And social media is great for many reasons, but it’s not the most reliable way to deliver a message to large number of your fans. When you […]