Protect .music websites from the exploitation of big tech companies, pirates, and domain squatters

Save .music for the indie artist! It’ll take less than a minute of your time.

What if all musicians and bands had websites that visitors could be certain were safe, legit, above-board, official — like .gov and .edu websites? In the coming years, .music domains will become the norm for musicians worldwide, but only if […]

5 Scary Website Mistakes It’s Not Too Late to Avoid!

Maintaining a functional, easy-to-use website for your music isn’t difficult – in fact, it can be really fun to create, update, and toy with. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some little things you need to pay attention to, to ensure that existing and potential fans have the best experience possible while visiting your […]

Care and Feeding of Your Domain Name

Your domain name is yours regardless of where you host your website or where you have registered your domain name. You want to keep your domain renewed, with current contact info, and avoid scammers. This article explains how to keep your domain name happy, healthy, and yours.