5 ways to add your music to a HostBaby website

You’re a musician. Music is kinda like… your thing. So you want to make sure your songs can be easily heard on your website, right?

Here are five ways to let fans hear your music when they visit your website:

1. Use HostBaby’s built-in audio player

The HostBaby audio player can be easily added to […]

Sample clips are SO 2008

Why you should never stream sample clips of audio on your own website 

One of my favorite bands released a new record a few months ago, and when they were going through the tease/preview phase of their album-release push, I was roped in by promises of a sneak-peek of some new tracks. What I got […]

HostBaby Tip: Don’t Leave Your Audio Player on Auto-Play

Having the ability to play your music on your website is a definite plus and we here at HostBaby are pretty excited about our audio player. That being said, there is nothing more annoying to fans than landing on a website for the first time and having music blasting at you automatically. Why? Because it […]