Using HostBaby’s video pages to build your YouTube channel

video_pageCouple quick questions: Are you putting your music on YouTube? If not, you should be! It’s the #1 music-discovery platform in the world and CD Baby can help you get paid for your music’s use on YouTube, whether you put it there or not. Already got your music (or at least some of it) on YouTube? Good move.

Next question: Are you using HostBaby’s video page feature on your site? If you’re not, or if you haven’t checked it out lately, give it a look! With new features and an easy-to-use interface, it’s simple to display your videos, gain new subscribers, and keep fans engaged with your music, all while they’re on your site. (As opposed to sending them to YouTube, where we all know how easy it is to get distracted with other content.)

Setting up your video page doesn’t take long at all, and updating your videos is even easier. Check out this HostBaby help center article for full details.

Some tips on using your video page:

Use playlists. This is a simple YouTube function that allows you to control what video the user sees after they watch your first one. Put a playlist together of your best stuff and keep ’em locked in to your music.

Put your best foot forward. The first video on your page, or the first video on your playlist, should be the ONE you want visitors your site to see. This might be your newest video, your most popular video, or one with an urgent message about what you’ve got coming up. Whatever it is, make sure you’re showing potential fans what you want them to see!

Make it easy to subscribe. Savvy YouTubers will know how to get to your “subscribe” button via your profile, but you can do ’em one better: With HostBaby’s code-snippet widget and this official button from YouTube, you can have that subscribe button on every page of your site, increasing visibility and upping your chance for new subscribers.

HostBaby supports more than YouTube. You can include single Vimeo and Facebook videos on your video page, too, just as easy as YouTube. Mix and match!

Any tips you’d like to share about your use of video for your music, and/or how to make the most of your HostBaby video page? We’d love to hear them. Let us know in the comments below!

HostBaby’s webmail just got an upgrade

UnknownHostBaby’s webmail function just got big upgrade, and you can check it out now in your account.

We’ve given everything a facelift, providing a modern look and feel, but never at the expense of function. This new system is faster, mobile-responsive (so your emails look great on any device), and if you had settings saved in your previous webmail, they’ll be carried over and fully integrated.

So how can you access it? If you have your old webmail bookmarked at (, go there and just be sure to click on the new webmail icon.

You can also go directly to the new location which is (

We worked hard on this and we think you’re really going to like it!

Your 5 most important calls-to-action: every musician website should have at least 3 of ‘em

Tips-For-Creating-A-Legitimate-Call-To-ActionEven if you have the best designed, most streamlined website in the world, you still need to TELL your fans what you want them to do when they’re there.

That’s where a good “call-to-action” comes in. A call-to-action (or CTA) is any element on your website — text, banner, button, etc. — that asks visitors to take some specific and immediate action before they leave the page they’re on.

[Go HERE to read 7 tips on crafting more effective calls-to-action.]

But what should you be asking your fans to do?

Every musician website should have at least 3 of these CTAs:

(These should all be phrased in your own words, of course.)

  1. Subscribe to my email newsletter — Don’t believe the haters. Email is still the most reliable and direct way to reach your diehard fans and encourage them to continue supporting your music. Get their contact info!
  2. Follow me on Spotify — We now firmly exist in a streaming world. Because they’ve had a few years headstart, Spotify is still king. So get your fans to follow you on that platform. When they do, they’ll get updates whenever you post new songs, your music can appear in their Discover Weekly playlist, and more.
  3. Purchase my… [t-shirts, Cds, vinyl, downloads, etc.] — What are you focusing on selling right now? What’s new? What’s hot? What are you trying to get rid of at a discount? Sell it! And make the case for why a purchase, as opposed to a stream, helps you go further in your career.
  4. Find me on… [your preferred social media platform] — Give a shoutout to your primary social outlet and ask your fans to subscribe, like, or follow.
  5. Go the extra mile — There’s bonus $$$ to be earned beyond sales, streams, licensing, and ticket sales. Ask your fans to get involved by pre-ordering your album on PledgeMusic, contributing to your Kickstarter campaign, supporting you on Patreon, putting a tip in the digital tip jar, etc. (And be sure to make a strong case for what’s in it for THEM).

What is your website’s most prominent call-to-action? Did we forget something that’s even more important? Holler in the comments below.

It’s October Madness at HostBaby – get FREE unlimited CD Baby distribution!

octobermadnessemail_2Embrace the Madness!

It’s that time of year again: HostBaby’s stirring the cauldron, cackling maniacally, and in the mood for October Madness!

This is your chance to get a year of hosting for way below the normal price, but this year we’re sweetening the deal even further: Not only do you get 13 months of your very own website, but you’ll also get…

Free CD Baby distribution for 13 months!

All you have to do is create (or log into) your HostBaby account, pay $199, and you’ll receive 13 months worth of hosting credits and access to as many distribution coupons as you need during that same time period.

That breaks down to only $15.30 a month, instead of the standard $20. You’ll save $61, eliminate your monthly bill, AND get FREE CD Baby distribution to use whenever the mood strikes you.

Already a HostBaby member and paid ahead a few months? No problem: the 13 months will get added to your total. Just log into your account here to make your $199 payment and save!

Not a HostBaby member already? Sign up today‚ get your discount, and create a site your fans will love.

Feel the madness flow through you as you save $61 and release music at will!

12 tips for a better band website

dt_bd_leftYou don’t need to completely redesign your website to make it resonate – sometimes it just takes stepping into the shoes of your fans and making a few tweaks here and there. Here are 12 tips that will help make your current band website even better.

1. Get rid of distractions

Kill auto-play on videos and music, and if you’ve got any pop-ups (email sign-up forms, etc.), make sure they’re functioning properly and not constantly barraging your visitors. People want to feel comfortable, not overwhelmed.

2. Tell people what to do

Your site should be easily navigable so visitors can find what they want, but by highlighting certain elements, you can increase engagement, gather info, and encourage visitors to spend time on your pages. So: what do you want people to do when they land on your site? Preview tracks on your new album? Sign up to an email list? Read your blog? It’s OK to steer visitors in the direction you want them to go – it can be mutually beneficial!

3. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile
Mobile and tablet usage is huge these days, and you need to be prepared for website visitors who will be viewing your site on a device other than a laptop or desktop computer. Be sure to preview your website on various devices. If it’s not mobile friendly, now’s the time to make the switch. (Hostbaby offers a number of mobile friendly responsive templates. hint. hint.)

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‘Tis the season: give your fans a free gift (and drive traffic to your site!)

shutterstock_337772219(1)For most of us, the Christmas season doesn’t really start until after Thanksgiving, and that’s great! It makes this time of year even more special, but it also means, as of today, you’ve got the next few weeks to prepare yourself and your artist website for the upcoming rush.

Want to spend the holidays giving thanks back to current fans for their support, making some new ones in the process, and driving traffic to your site? Get in the spirit and start giftin’!

Pick a window of time in December to offer up some goodies on your site – it could be the whole month; it could be just one day – and start a mini-campaign of giveaways that displays your generosity, welcomes new listeners, and exemplifies the ideals of the holidays.

Give away a free song

When we talk about giving something away on your site, a free download of one of your strongest songs is always at the top of the list, and the holidays are no different. Want to make this count? Put your best foot forward and offer a free mp3 of your last single, or simply a song you feel will grab any new listener. This might not resonate with longtime fans who are already familiar with the track, but if it’s a song they love, they’re apt to tell their friends to go grab it while it’s free.

Release a holiday single

Or, record an exclusive holiday song and give that away. There’s still time to get it distributed, too. Then you could offer it up for free on CD Baby and on your site, but also let people know that it’s on Spotify and Apple Music so they can easily add it to their Christmas playlists. Better yet: create your own Spotify playlist, including the song, and direct folks there!

Get creative with it!

  • Make a short, video Christmas card and mention your freebies there.
  • Record and give away an “unplugged” version of one your better-known tracks.
  • Customize cheap stockings from the Dollar Store, fill them with your CDs, and hold a drawing from the pool of email addresses you get from downloads over the course of the month to give them away.

Now is also a great time to spruce up your website, whether that means cleaning up your current iteration or holiday-izing it for December. Make sure if you’ve got some new eyes on it, it’s reflecting everything you want people to know about you and your music.

Got any other ideas? Let us know in the comments!

Musician Websites 101: Does your homepage make things easy for fans?

Example site: John Kelly

When someone visits your website, they should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

One of the ways to achieve that is to create a clear top navigation bar (Home, About, Calendar, Videos, Contact, etc.).

Another way to make it simple for fans is to present your homepage as a distillation of all the most important things about your music career at a glance.

The HostBaby website shown here for singer/songwriter John Kelly (click the link to visit the site) is a great example of both methods working together: the design is clear and minimal, so the “top nav” items are easy to read — AND he’s used widgets to make a kind of one-page displaying music, videos, a web store, upcoming shows, his mailing list, and social media links. Continue Reading . . .

Protect .music websites from the exploitation of big tech companies, pirates, and domain squatters

Protect .music domain namesSave .music for the indie artist! It’ll take less than a minute of your time.

What if all musicians and bands had websites that visitors could be certain were safe, legit, above-board, official — like .gov and .edu websites? In the coming years, .music domains will become the norm for musicians worldwide, but only if we ACT NOW to keep it in the hands of independent artists.

There is an effort to make sure the new .music website names are protected from domain squatting and piracy, and to keep the names out of the hands of non-music corporations who have already snapped up a lot of the valuable Internet real estate.

The goal is to give DotMusic control over the .music top level domain. They would issue domain names to artists, bands, and other music companies; they would prohibit spammy “parking pages” and domain squatting; and they would ban any .music domain guilty of mass copyright infringement.

You can support that effort by e-signing this community support letter: It takes less than a minute.

We know that domain names don’t sound all that exciting or cool, but this is very important. Because .music sites will become the norm for music-related content online, who controls that top level domain is a big deal. Continue Reading . . .

Updating your existing theme to a mobile-friendly website is easier than you think

Mobile-friendly website theme

Because high tech shouldn’t mean high maintenance

Depending on the country you live in, as much as 30-70% of your visitors could be looking at your website on a mobile device.

Is your site design responsive, or mobile-friendly? Are you taking advantage of all the latest tools HostBaby has to offer?

If you’ve been using HostBaby for a few years, you might not have seen our latest mobile-friendly website templates.

Think it’s time to update your website? Check out our new high-tech themes and make the switch.

It’s simple: Continue Reading . . .

You don’t want people saying THIS about your music online

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