Social Media Tip for Artists: Don’t Be Boring

How NOT to be boring

The last thing you want to be to your fans is boring. Obviously this pertains to your art, but it’s equally important that any other content you’re pushing in the direction of your followers – Facebook updates, blog posts, tweets, emails, etc. – doesn’t leave them saying “meh.”

Sure, you […]

The Top 4 Twitter Articles for Artists

Twitter is a great way to promote your career as an artist, allowing you to frequently share bite-sized content with your followers across the globe.

But Twitter can be tricky, too!

It took me a couple years to really fall in love with Twitter (many of those months spent ignoring it altogether), but now I […]

8 Blog Posts About Optimizing Your Website

It’s a new year and the web is more important than ever. It’s time to make sure your website is doing everything possible to advance your goals and energize your career. When you optimize your website–you endeavor to create a better experience for your visitors. This can mean more fans, more sales, and more people […]

How NOT to be Annoying on Twitter

In the last week, a company (that will remain unnamed) has done their darnedest to harang me about their services. They’ve called various numbers at my company, emailed half a dozen times to various addresses, and generally confused everyone in our customer service department by insisting how important it is that they talk to me. They do […]

How to Geo-Target Your Facebook Posts

Say you have an 18+ show in Ann Arbor, Michigan coming up (or a book launch party — this info can apply to just about any event). Instead of letting all of your fans from around the world know about that particular show, you can just invite your Ann Arbor, Michigan fans that are of […]

Optimize Your Website for Google Image Search

While many website owners worry about how discoverable they are in traditional search results, there are many additional ways to be discovered online. Google Image Search (and other image-based search engines) can be a valuable source of traffic. Image searches are just that–a way to view images on a ny given topic. Pinterist users and […]

Should You Be Posting on Facebook — And How Often?

The wise ones over at MediaBistro have been pondering the question: “How often should you post to Facebook?”

Here’s a summary of their sagely advice:

* Post something every day 

* Use the targeting tools on Facebook to ensure your audience actually sees your posts

* Post only once or twice per day

* Wait at least […]

How to Add Social Media Icons to Any Website — No Coding Needed

Our very own Chris Bolton has created a simple way to add designer social media buttons to your website. Watch the video below!

Adding social media buttons to your website is a cinch with Nifty Buttons. All you need to do is choose the social media icon set you like best, grab your social […]

10 Free Things to Add to Your Website (redirect)

redirect to

There’s just about a ba-zillion website widgets and apps floating about the interweb.  Some are super useful and some are not. But who wants to weed through a ba-zillion of anything to find the good ones? Nobody, that’s who! Not even me. That’s why I looked at just a fraction of a […]