HostBaby’s top 10 articles of 2013

The best web tips for artists

The year doesn’t really “wind down,” does it? It ramps up and spits us full-speed into the New Year (at least that’s what happens to me).

But maybe this year you can find a few quiet moments before 2014 arrives — to spend on the things you never feel […]

Headlines so enticing you can’t resist the click. Upworthy’s secrets revealed.

How to write headlines that get clicks.

If you’re reading this, we can both assume the headline of this article worked: It made you click. Perhaps you’ve read similar headlines in your travels about the internet. I’ve borrowed a headline-writing technique employed by an online publisher named “Upworthy.” Upworthy is an online news and human-interest […]

Free Guide: Top Ten Website Optimizations You Should Do Right Now!

Creating an awesome website is a challenge in itself. (Luckily, HostBaby makes that part easy.) But once you have a website, it’s important to ensure that your site engages your audience and grows your traffic. You’d be surprised how many artists neglect some of the most important aspects of web optimization and configuration. That’s […]

Your Facebook Page is Not a Website

Four reasons why social media will fail you (if you don’t also have your own site)

Giant corporations. Regional musicians. Your local barbershop. They’re all promoting themselves on Facebook — and rightly so. Facebook is an essential part of any business’ online marketing toolkit. But it’s NOT a website! Or, more precisely: it’s not YOUR […]

Why Artists Need to Build a Personal Brand

Let’s say you’re the bass player in a heavy metal band called, I dunno, Goat Desolation. Goat Desolation has a following and tours nationally. People love Goat Desolation. Other bands wish they were Goat Desolation. You’ve got the leather jacket, the long black hair and the signature Goat Desolation goat tattoo. You feel like you’re […]