How to display your Instagram photos on your website


Add an Instagram feed to your website’s photo gallery

Your fans can now view your latest Instagram pics on your HostBaby website, and they can click to follow you on Instagram right from your site’s photo gallery!

[What kinds of photos will keep your fans interested in your music? Click HERE […]

Introducing the new slideshow theme from HostBaby

With Backdrop Slideshow, your background photos transform with beautiful fades

The new Backdrop Slideshow website theme is now available in all HostBaby accounts. This theme is completely customizable with the added bonus of setting background photos that act as a slideshow behind your content. Each photo fades into the next creating a seamless experience your […]

Now You Can Pay For Your Web Hosting With PayPal

Attention HostBabies!

We just added a new payment option for your HostBaby account. You can now pay your monthly bill or your yearly fee using PayPal. Exciting right? I know; you can hardly believe it. You’re completely flabbergasted. Well, it’s true!

In all seriousness, we know this makes it easier on a lot of folks […]

How to Add Google Analytics to Your HostBaby Site Builder

Google analytics is, well, awesome. You can monitor all sorts of useful info about your site visitors, like how many girls between the ages of 20-26 in Poland have visited your site in the last 6 months. I have no idea why you would want to know that (unless you just toured through Poland) but […]

10 Free Things to Add to Your Website (redirect)

redirect to

There’s just about a ba-zillion website widgets and apps floating about the interweb.  Some are super useful and some are not. But who wants to weed through a ba-zillion of anything to find the good ones? Nobody, that’s who! Not even me. That’s why I looked at just a fraction of a […]