How to Conduct a Survey and Learn From Your Fans

Surveys are not just for corporate behemoths trying to increase their bottom line with customer satisfaction stats. Anyone can use a free tool like SurveyMonkey to post a survey on their website, social media, or to send to an email list.

Why are Surveys Useful to Artists, Authors, and Musicians?

You may have noticed people […]

Grow Your Email List and Keep Your Subscribers

Give Something. Get Something.

One of the easiest ways to grow your email list is by making a very clear value exchange with your subscribers. An example would be: “Sign up to my email newsletter and get this free eBook/MP3/PDF/discount.” (Often all that is needed to do this is to add a download link to […]

Writing a Newsletter Article That Succeeds – 3 Quick Tips

Sometimes writing a newsletter can seem like a thankless task. You know you’re supposed to do it every week or every month, but it’s hard to come up with new ideas, and it’s hard to know if your audience appreciates your hard work. After-all  you’re a busy person with with all sorts of other responsibilities and commitments vying for […]

How Often Should I Email My Mailing List?

When it comes to emailing your fan list, the question of frequency is a hot topic with no single correct answer. It varies for everyone. For some, the sweet spot might be once a week, for others, twice a month or monthly. Some people even send out daily emails.

A delicate email balance

One thing […]