Four easy ways to keep your web content fresh

How to post new content regularly on your website or blog

Nothing says, “I don’t care and neither should you” like a prehistoric event calendar and a blog post endorsing Ross Perot’s presidential candidacy. Even die-hard fans will give up after a few visits to a stagnant website. If you want your audience to keep […]

Scientists discover what makes something go viral online

In this story, we meet Neetzan Zimmerman, an editor for Gawker who has the enviable job of posting content that’s on the verge of going viral. His posts generate roughly 30 million pageviews a month.

To what does he attribute his success? Simply put, “he understands the emotions that might compel a human being to […]

Feature Fans on Your Site. Collect Karmic Rewards.

Having (very) recently experienced the birth of my first child, I think I can say, with a reasonable amount of certainty, that humans have a pretty primal desire for care and attention. In fact, I can’t put down my son for more than a few minutes before his cries announce a desperate need for these […]

Make your online photos work overtime

“Repurpose” is a bit of a business-y term, but when it comes to the pictures you post online, repurposing can be your best friend — especially if don’t have time to generate more lengthy web content (such as when you’re on tour, in the middle of a creative project, or indisposed).

I bet you’re already in the habit […]

The easiest way to keep your web content fresh…

… is also the #1 thing people forget when they’re trying to stick to a content calendar

I have an Atlantic Monthly problem, and it’s this: every time I see an Atlantic article that someone has posted on Facebook, I click it, read the first few paragraphs with great interest, and then remember that I don’t […]

10 blog article ideas for bands

1. Write about a song

Every song has a story, right? Tell the story of how one of your songs came to be. What was the impetus? A chord? A lyric? A breakup? Too much cough medicine? Talk about your creative process. Tell the creation story of your song.

2. Tell a road story

You […]