What’s Your Mobile Strategy?

Responsive design websites for musicians, authors, and artists. 

As more and more people abandon traditional desktop computers for sleek, touchscreen devices, it’s more important than ever that your website looks and works great on a variety of devices — tablets, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and more.

Mobile is the future. Is your website ready? […]

Responsive Website Design is ‘Well Adjusted’ for the Modern Web

You’ve probably noticed the mobile internet revolution is here. Powering that revolution is something, you may-or-may-not have heard of, called responsive design. Responsive web design means that you don’t have separate mobile, tablet, and PC versions of your site. Instead you just have one. A responsive website adapts to whatever size screen it’s being displayed […]

Now You Can Import Your CD Baby Audio to HostBaby

We’ve made it even easier for CD Baby clients to import their audio to their HostBaby websites.  If you have an account at CD Baby with one or more albums or singles live on cdbaby.com, all you have to is authorize your CD Baby account and then transfer the files. It saves a lot […]

The New Themes Keep Roll’n – 6 New Templates

We’ve been busy bees working on a new template release schedule –which means you’ll be seeing more new themes for the HostBaby Site Builder more often. We know you want your website to look both unique and awesome and that’s why all of our themes are highly customizable. You can change the colors, fonts, backgrounds, […]

October Madness: $199 for 13 Months of Hosting!

Save big on web hosting this October before time runs out!

It’s October Madness at HostBaby!

We’re celebrating by offering a special deal for anybody who wants to prepay and save some money on hosting. During the month of October, you can get 13 months of hosting for only $199. That’s […]

Introducing the New HostBaby Audio Player

The New HostBaby audio player is here. The new player can be easily be embedded on any HostBaby Site Builder website and it will automatically replace the old (flash based) music player. The new music player is built in HTML5 so it works great on mobile devices and tablets and everything else. It’s also […]

Introducing the New ListBaby Email Marketing Suite by HostBaby

In an effort to always provide authors and musicians with the most up-to-date web tools, HostBaby has developed a brand new email marketing tool, built from the ground up by our developers here in Portland, Oregon.

ListBaby allows you to chose from dozens of customizable email templates and add your own banners, photos, fonts and […]

CD Baby Announces New MusicStore on Facebook App.

CD Baby is excited to announce a new tool which will make it easier than ever for people on Facebook to hear, share, and buy YOUR music. It’s called the MusicStore on Facebook, and it’s a full multimedia experience which is easily added as a tab on your Facebook Band Page. You don’t even have […]

HostBaby is Green! Offsets 7.43 Tons of C02 Emissions

HostBaby has offset our carbon emissions for the second year in a row as a part of our green initiatives program. What does this mean? Well basically, we measured the carbon production of our web servers and used Carbonfunds’ calculator to estimate the environmental cost. We then donated that money towards carbon-reducing projects such […]

New HostBaby Themes (Templates) July 2011

We’ve been busy at HostBaby designing all sorts of new-fangled tools and templates to make sure our artists have the best looking and most powerful websites on the web.

We’re excited to announce some brand new web themes for the HostBaby Site Builder.

The following 6 themes are all available in your account under […]