Announcing: HostBaby & Bandzoogle Are Joining Forces

We have some exciting news to share with you. After many months of consideration, we’ve decided to join forces with our friends at Bandzoogle to usher in the next era of HostBaby. When it comes to web hosting for musicians, Bandzoogle shares HostBaby’s values and commitment to customer service every step of the way. […]

HostBaby client Sawyer Fredericks wins The Voice (season 8)!

Photo from NBC.

Who won season 8 of The Voice?

Sawyer Fredericks, the 16-year-old songwriter from upstate New York, was announced this week as the winner of The Voice, NBC’s popular music competition show.

Fredericks has distributed his music through CD Baby and hosted his website via HostBaby for a while now, so we […]

Join HostBaby in Support of Net Neutrality

You’ve probably heard about it in the news. Big cable internet companies like Time Warner, Comcast, and Verizon are planning on setting up internet fast lanes for the tech giants that can afford to pay, and internet slow lanes for everybody else. What does this mean for musicians and HostBaby customers? It means a slower […]

Introducing CD Baby’s New Music Player

CD Baby has announced a brand new music player widget (and store) that can be easily embedded on any website (including your HostBaby website). And it’s FREE to use for CD Baby artists. Yay! The new music player is built in HTML5 so it works on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. You can build […]

HostBaby not affected by Heartbleed

You may have heard a lot over the past week about a newly-discovered internet security bug called Heartbleed.

Our IT staff has been keeping track of the Heartbleed flaw since news first broke in security forums, and we wanted to let you know that HostBaby was not affected by this bug. Our systems remain secure and your […]

Introducing the new slideshow theme from HostBaby

With Backdrop Slideshow, your background photos transform with beautiful fades

The new Backdrop Slideshow website theme is now available in all HostBaby accounts. This theme is completely customizable with the added bonus of setting background photos that act as a slideshow behind your content. Each photo fades into the next creating a seamless experience your […]

[Video] Updates to the Site Builder Product Page

We’ve made some recent improvements to the Product page-type in the Site Builder. Now it’s even easier to sell music and merch on your HostBaby site. Watch this video to see how it works.

Uploading Your Music to HostBaby Just Got Easier

We’re always on a quest to improve the HostBaby experience and one of the things that’s been on our list for a while is to improve our audio-upload and import processes. This project came in two stages. As you may remember, we added the ability for CD Baby clients to automatically import their CD Baby […]

HostBaby’s New Social Media Widget

In case you thought we were sleeping on the job (we haven’t been) we’ve actually been hard at work bringing to life suggestions that you guys have submitted to us for improving HostBaby’s feature set. One of these features just went live and we’d like to tell ya’ll abou it. It’s a new social networking […]

Now You Can Pay For Your Web Hosting With PayPal

Attention HostBabies!

We just added a new payment option for your HostBaby account. You can now pay your monthly bill or your yearly fee using PayPal. Exciting right? I know; you can hardly believe it. You’re completely flabbergasted. Well, it’s true!

In all seriousness, we know this makes it easier on a lot of folks […]