Website Design Tips – 5 Easy Tips for Designing an Awesome Site

Not all of us are coders or designers, but that doesn't mean we can't design a great looking website. If you use a service like HostBaby, you have all the tools you need to design your site without getting hung up in code. But no matter how you build your site, here are five tips […]

Band Photography: The Importance of Good Photography on Your Website

The Panic Division, photographed by Wylie Maercklein.

Let’s get one thing straight here right away – good photography can make or break whether or not people will hire you, feature your music in their magazine, or even just stay on your website for more than 10 seconds.

Is the image you are projecting about […]

5 Music Promotion Tips For Increasing Album Sales on Your Website

Sometimes marketing your art can seem like a somewhat demeaning task. After all, you already put your whole-self into a project and made it available to the public. Isn’t that enough? But regular marketing to your fans is actually more important than ever.  There are millions of products and diversions competing for your fans’ attention […]

Musicians Beware of Flash Websites. Say Hello to HTML5.

Adobe Flash is the technology that allows developers to animate the web. It’s also responsible for many of the more exasperating aspects of web browsing such as pop-up ads, banners that strobe and slow loading animated websites. Apple has refused to allow Flash on their mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) because of the […]

SEO Band Names: Tips on Choosing a Band Name for Search Engines

Make it Easy for Your Fans to Find You Online

Choosing a band or artist name that is search engine optimized (also known as SEO) can help your career down the road. Yes, many bands have managed to achieve success in spite of unsearchable band names (the band Girls come to mind), but why not […]

Hot Links! How Hyperlinks Can Make Your Music Easier to Find Online

Did you know that the hyperlinks you create can boost your search engine ranking and improve your web presence? It’s true!  Using relevant link text when you link back to your website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. will boost and broaden the search ranking of the page you are linking to. These keyword-studded “backlinks” will make […]

Care and Feeding of Your Domain Name

Your domain name is yours regardless of where you host your website or where you have registered your domain name. You want to keep your domain renewed, with current contact info, and avoid scammers. This article explains how to keep your domain name happy, healthy, and yours.


Social Networking – Beyond MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter

We’re all familiar with MySpace,  Facebook and Twitter, but have you heard of  Wer-kennt-wen? How about Taltopia? There are a fast growing number of new social networking sites out there, and it’s hard to know which ones are fly-by-night operations and which are sustainable business models that can help advance your music career.

Now before […]

Put your website on top of the heap!
Improve your site listing on search engines

How do you improve the placement of your website in search engine results lists? This article gives the goods. […]

Oft-used help files

Here is a list in no particular order of the help files I most often send to Hostbaby customers. Some of these are fairly new documents, so this may be a sneak preview for you!

Resize Images for Image Bank

Most digital cameras take pictures at very high resolutions. Images for web pages should be […]